Pharmacy training to support ellaOne®

ellaOne® ( 30mg ulipristal acetate) is an emergency contraceptive pill (ECP), now available in pharmacy without a prescription in Ireland. 

The OTC availability of emergency contraception pills is critical to increase access and minimise any delay in taking them. This is especially significant given that emergency contraception pills are more effective the sooner they are taken after unprotected intercourse.

The advice of pharmacy staff and emergency contraceptive efficacy are the two most important factors in the choice of emergency contraceptive pill.1

This website has been developed to help you learn more about ellaOne®. This website is for healthcare professionals only. It is aimed at community pharmacists in Ireland, pharmacy assistants and anyone in the pharmacy team who may dispense emergency contraception.

It will help you make responsible, confident recommendations and give appropriate advice to women requesting emergency contraception in your pharmacy.


It will help you give appropriate counselling on ellaOne® as well as subsequent contraceptive care, to support the best health outcomes.

1. HRA Data on File. Harris Interactive 2013.