What is ellaOne® ?

What is ellaOne® ?

  • ellaOne® is an emergency contraceptive pill intended to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse or contraceptive failure2
  • ellaOne® should be taken as soon as possible, but no later than 120 hours (5 days) after UPSI or contraceptive failure2
  • ellaOne® is the most effective oral emergency contraceptive2
  • ellaOne® is for women of reproductive age who want to avoid unintended pregnancy2

How to use ellaOne®

  • The treatment consists of one tablet to be taken orally as soon as possible after UPSI or contraceptive failure2
  • ellaOne® does not offer protection from pregnancy for subsequent acts of unprotected sex. Women should be advised to use a reliable barrier method until her next menstrual period.2
  • The tablet can be taken with or without food2
  • If vomiting occurs within 3 hours of ellaOne® intake, another tablet should be taken2
  • ellaOne® can be taken at any time during the menstrual cycle2



  • ellaOne® is not a regular contraceptive, it is for occasional use only2
  • ellaOne® does not cause abortion4
  • ellaOne® does not protect from sexually transmitted infections5