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A US study shows the positive effect, on health and welfare costs, of reducing unintended pregnancy:  “Through the provision of effective methods of contraception to low-income individuals who have limited access to these services elsewhere, California’s family planning program averted an estimated 205,000 unintended pregnancies, averting nearly 94,000 live births and 79,000 abortions. The program saved federal, state, and local governments over $1.1 billion within 2 years after a pregnancy and $2.2 billion up to 5 years after.”6


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This study included 897 unintended pregnancies. Reasons for contraceptive pill failure included taking tablets late, missed pills, illness, medication, vomiting or no explanation. Reasons for IUD failure included wrong position, the IUD falling out, illness or medication, or no explanation. Reasons for condom failure included tearing, slipping off, no contraception used on that occasion or no explanation.



WOMEN – More likely to behave in a way that could increase the risks to their baby e.g. smoking and alcohol use during pregnancy1- Later pre-natal care2 – Increased risk of antenatal and postnatal depression1- Greater mood disturbance e.g. greater anxiety at 12 months post partum1- Disruption of the life of a woman, education missed, careers missed, stress and consequences for her life2
CHILDREN – Increased risk of poor school performance or neglect1- Where the mother is <17 years their children start school with deficits in cognition, knowledge and language development (even where background characteristics are accounted for)3- More likely to require psychiatric treatment (including in-­patient) at any time in life (this study followed children for up to 35 years)4
RELATIONSHIPS In couples, lower levels of positive interaction at 3, 12 and 24 months after birth1




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Although unintended pregnancy happens most often when no contraception is used, two studies show that it also happens when it is claimed that contraception is being used.1,2